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Built heritage is a public good from which all should benefit. It is one of the most visible and accessible aspects of our environment, which contributes to our identity and the health of our communities. If cherished, modernised and utilised historic buildings and places create social and economic benefit for all. The beneficial protection and use of our built heritage is an essential component of wider environmental stewardship. In order for it to be sustained in the future, we have to care for it now.

Despite built heritage being both the physical record of our past and the loci of many intangible social values, which together provide meaning for our future, it is subject to underinvestment and neglect in many places. In other cases the valued heritage of places and communities is directly threatened by inappropriate and poorly considered development.

Within the planning sector the important role of heritage in creating and maintaining healthy and valued places where people want to work and live, a view that SAVE has long championed, is finally being widely recognised. Heritage contributes to the vitality of areas and heterogeneity of our society.

Since its establishment SAVE has been at the forefront of efforts to protect and enhance our built environment. SAVE addresses the gap between formal statutory heritage protection bodies and local citizen action. Through its community-focused casework SAVE addresses this gap by supporting both formal conservation structures and grassroots civil society.

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