Liverpool futurist demolitionSAVE Britain’s Heritage is at the forefront of national heritage conservation. We intervene to help historic buildings and places in serious danger of demolition or decay.

We stand apart from other organisations by bringing together architects, engineers, planners and investors to offer alternative proposals. Where necessary, and with expert advice, we take legal action to prevent major and needless losses.

Over the last forty-nine years, with the support of our Friends and Saviours, SAVE has successfully fought for some of the UK’s most remarkable and threatened historic buildings including Wentworth Woodhouse, the grandest stately home in the UK, Smithfield General Market, now set to become the new home of the Museum of London, and over 400 Victorian terraced houses in Liverpool, known collectively as the Welsh Streets.

But historic buildings all over Britain continue to be threatened by demolition and insensitive development. With your continued support we can ensure that the best of the past is saved for future generations.


Unrestricted bequests allow the Trustees of SAVE to allocate the money where it is needed most.

It can cost over £15,000 to take legal action in the courts. To draw up alternative plans with architects it typically costs £10,000, and to commission a structural engineer to examine a building at risk of demolition costs approximately £5,000.

SAVE does not receive government funding and so a gift in your Will, whatever size, will make a real difference.

There are other benefits to leaving a gift in your Will to SAVE too. By leaving 10% of your estate to charity, you can reduce your inheritance tax. Find out more about the thresholds, rates and how it might affect you here.


With professional guidance from your solicitor, writing a Will or updating it to include SAVE, is easy. You will need our registered charity number (269129) and our registered address (SAVE Britain’s Heritage, 70 Cowcross Street, London, EC1M 6EJ).

We understand that legacies are personal, but if you wish to discuss your will or find out more about supporting SAVE in this way, please contact Leigh Stanford on administrator@savebritainsheritage.org or call 020 7253 3500.

Our heartfelt thanks to those who have pledged and left legacies to SAVE.

Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse