Historic Welsh Pub Threatened with Demolition

The Vulcan Hotel, Adam Street occupies a vulnerable position - in the area earmarked for the shopping and residential development called St David's 2 in Cardiff. For years the land around the pub in Cardiff has been gradually cleared leaving the Vulcan more and more isolated. Under the current plans for the area, the building is due to be demolished in June this year, with parking space its possible end use!

The original building was constructed in 1853 but the pub was given an overhaul in 1914 by Veall, a well-reputed architect from Cardiff. This saw the building donned in fabulous green and brown glazed ceramic tiles on the exterior with further decorative tile work inside extending as far as the gentlemen's toilets!

SAVE Britain's Heritage believes that this building is a wonderful addition to the character of the city and could be integrated into the development scheme. Its loss will be totally unnecessary and extremely disappointing to all parties involved.

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Update 06/2009: Owner and would-be developer, Rapport, has offered the Vulcan's landlady a 3 year lease - meaning the pub should hopefully be safe for a while yet.

Update 05/2010: Short term future of the Vulcan is assured although the future remains uncertain. See local news report.