SAVED! Barford Granary, Wiltshire

When we heard about this case, the owners of this delightful, listed 18th-century farm building near Salisbury in Wiltshire had obtained consent to demolish and the building was literally days from destruction. SAVE decided to issue a legal challenge against the planning authority for granting demolition consent without sound justification. The challenge was successful, but the future remained, for a short while, in doubt as the owners were minded to submit a second application.

SAVE decided to grasp the nettle and visit the granary to talk to the owners. After much debate, the SAVE delegation managed to convince them that the building could be successfully reused. In return for the owners agreeing to sign an agreement to preserve the granary, SAVE pledged to raise money to assist in its repair. Furthermore as part of the repair deal SAVE will have regular access to the building for it own events.

The repair works, carried out under the supervision of local engineer and builder Ian Payne, have now been completed. They involved the stabilisation and levelling of the structure and the repair and recovering of the roof. The delightful little building is now back on its feet (or staddle stones, rather) and SAVE is planning a celebratory party in January to celebrate and to help raise funds for the £70,000 repair works which we funded. We have already received generous donations from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and a number of individuals but we are still in urgent need of more to cover the shortfall. Any donation over £50 will earn you an invitation to the opening party and for £100 you can be immortalised on a framed plaque on the wall of the building. We very much hope that friends of SAVE will consider making a donation. A leaflet can be downloaded below.

We are now in discussions with the tenant farmers and the Longford Estate to decide how best the building might be used in the future. Current ideas range from a holiday let to a furniture workshop.

Barford Granary Leaflet and Donation Form.


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