Dismay as Leigh School comes down

Despite pleas from the local campaign group, the Prince's Regeneration Trust and SAVE, demolition finally commenced at Leigh Girls Grammar School this week.

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When it was opened in 1922 Leigh Girls Grammar School, near Wigan, was the first large scale educational body for girls in the area. It continued as a school building until last year, even though it ceased as the Leigh Girls Grammar School in 1976. A significant number of Leigh residents cherish fond memories of days at the school.

Work to build a new primary school on the site completed in the summer. Demolition of the red brick building was the final phase of their works. Its destruction is a needless waste, the building is in very good condition and could have been saved and converted.

The building was architecturally impressive and was a significant local landmark. The architect was Henry Littler many of whose churches and other civic buildings are listed, unlike this one. It was built in a baroque revivalist style and sash windows, classical style door surrounds and stained glass added to its value. Its loss is great.