Samara: Endangered City on the Volga

This latest report from the Moscow Architecture Preservation Society (MAPS) and SAVE Europe's Heritage outlines the threats facing the rich architecture of Samara, a great city on the Volga, where the people of Moscow were evacuated during the World War II.

The report is edited by Moscow-based architect Vitaly Stadnikov. Stadnikov is a native of Samara, an author of a book on its 20th-century architecture and an expert on provincial Soviet Constructivism. The report is the work of Russian and foreign experts, drawing on examples of sustainable development from all over the world to point to a way forward for Samara.

Corruption in Samara has led to uncontrolled demolition of huge areas of the city, massive new construction and even the assassination of planners and architects. The book details losses and features the city’s remaining architectural gems, including its beautiful wooden architecture, Art Nouveau, industrial and Constructivist buildings, and presents a plan for the regeneration of the city.

176 pages, fully illustrated, bilingual. Copies of the report are available from SAVE priced at £15.00 (no discount for Friends).

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