The City of London – a SAVE walking tour of the Cluster of Towers

The City of London – a SAVE walking tour of the Cluster of Towers
Saturday, 18th May 2024 | 11:00 -13:00

From the ‘Gherkin’ to the ‘Cheesegrater’, join SAVE and Alec Forshaw for a walking tour focused on the mighty skyscrapers that define the eastern City. Learn about the special protected views around St Paul’s Cathedral, London’s tallest building until 1963, and the evolution of buildings like the Stock Exchange and the Leadenhall Building.

Delve into London's rich history, from the cataclysmic Great Fire, the rebuilding efforts after World War II, IRA bombings in the 1990s and simultaneously the City’s relentless adaptation to accommodate its burgeoning finance industry. On this excursion, we will explore historical and architectural significace where the City's money meets traces of Roman towns and the medieval narrow streetscape. SAVE and Alec Forshaw have played pivotal roles in the recent designation of the new Bevis Marks/Creechurch Conservation Area and are actively campaigning against the part demolition of Liverpool Street Station, both of which we'll explore as part of our circuit.

Alec Forshaw, a leading expert in London’s architectural heritage – a writer, planner, historian. Alec worked for over 30 years at Islington Council where he was head of conservation and design. He was also a key witness for SAVE at the Marks & Spencer public inquiry and he is the author of New City: Contemporary Architecture in the City of London.

Meet: Kindertransport Memorial (outside McDonalds), south side of Liverpool Street station, London.
Tickets: Friends & Saviours £16.50 | General public £20 | Students £10 (incl. Eventbrite booking fee)

Image: Cluster of towers in the City of London [Credit: City Corporation]