Veneto in Peril?

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In 2006 SAVE Britain's Heritage published its devastating report on the unchecked development blighting the setting of the Villas of Palladio in the Veneto. Unforgiveable Assault on a World Heritage Site described the damage being wrought on this remarkable landscape by the development of areas of open country, and most directly by the proposed Valdastico Sud, 54km of motorway south of Palladio's home town of Vicenza.

For this follow-up E-report SAVE, together with the Landmark Trust, has commissioned aerial photography to bring home the devastation currently being caused by the motorway project and associated development. The motorway has now been built from the junction with the Valdastico Nord to Longare and from Caselle, near Noventa Vicentina, to Canda. These sections have already been financed and tendered.

However, money has not yet been raised for the section from Longare to Caselle. The motorway company has a concession until 2026 but it must overcome strong opposition from councils in the Trento region to build the northern section and make the project profitable.

The motorway expansion must be stopped. You can make your opposition felt by writing to:

The Prime Minister of Italy

The Minister of Heritage

The President of UNESCO

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