Call for new entries - Buildings at Risk 2018-19

Squatter's Cottage, Lane End, Plasau, Shropshire: Eveleigh Photography

Do you know of any buildings with history and character that are standing empty and decaying? 

SAVE is starting the search for buildings at risk to appear in our 2018- 2019 buildings at risk catalogue and we would like to hear from you.  

We are looking for Grade II listed and unlisted historic buildings which are at risk, vacant and in need of a new use and/or new users. The buildings do not have to be for sale to be featured. We are also interested to hear about Grade I and II* listed buildings which are at risk, vacant and being marketed for sale.

SAVE’s buildings at risk register was started in 1989 and is completely independent of Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register. We aim not to duplicate Historic England's register which focusses on Grade I and II* listed buildings and we usually only include buildings in these categories which are for sale and in particular need of publicity.

If you have any potential new entries, please send information and a photo to Liz Fuller, SAVE's Buildings at Risk Officer,by Friday 15 December 2017:, 020 7253 3500,

Please go to our website to see headline entries on the existing online register. If you are a Friend you will be able to access the full entries. If you are not a Friend and would like full access, please contact us in the office for more information or sign up online.

We welcome any updated information and photographs for the existing entries at any time.