Demolition notice for Lancaster brewery

Mitchell's, the owners of the unlisted historic brewery within the heart of the 'canal corridor' site have submitted a demolition notice to Lancaster City Council. This means, in effect, that this unlisted building could be flattened in a matter of weeks.

With the result of the canal corridor Public Inquiry yet to be announced, and with a conservation area re-appraisal underway, this constitutes a brazen move, calculated simply to pre-empt the awarding of any statutory protection.

As part of its evidence at Public Inquiry, SAVE worked with leading conservation archtitect Richard Griffiths to produce an alternative scheme for the 8 hectare site. The scheme placed a restored and revitalised Mitchell's Brewery at its heart, with a public square fronting the main block (pictured).

Further information about the brewery can be accessed by subscribers to SAVE's online buildings at risk register - click here.