SAVE's 40th Anniversary Party

SAVE celebrated 40 years of campaigning at the frontline of conservation in 2015, and to commemorate the occasion we held a party bringing together many of our supporters, allies and friends from over the past four decades.

The evening was a triumphant affair, looking back at SAVE’s many campaigns for buildings of all types and ages, from the modest terraced house to palatial country estates, and everything in between, as well as looking forward to the next forty years.

Speeches were given by those involved with SAVE past and present, including Marcus Binney and Clem Cecil, SAVE Trustees James Hall, Sir Simon Jenkins and John Harris, Kit Martin and former Secretary Adam Wilkinson.

Thanks to two generous donations of champagne we were able to treat our guests to some fizz, whilst supper was supplied by La Forchetta, an independent deli near SAVE’s offices in Farringdon.

St Sepulchre’s proved a fitting venue, as it was the first church to be opened by The Friends of The City Churches in 1994, an organisation founded by SAVE when the Templeman Commission threatened many churches in the Square Mile with closure. The Friends of The City Churches now thrives as an independent charity, ensuring many City churches are now open to the public and in active use. Its Chairman is Oliver Leigh Wood, a Trustee of SAVE.

Some 200 guests attended the evening, and helped ensure it was a great success and a memorable event. Thank you to everyone who came, especially our fantastic team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to set up for the evening, decorate the church, pour drinks, serve food, and sell publications.

Our big thanks also to St Sepulchre’s and its staff who helped the evening go without a hitch, and to Barry and Genesis Eveleigh for taking photos of the evening. Their photographs of the party can be viewed here: