Anton Laundry, 24 Marlborough Street, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1DQ

The Anton Laundry in Andover has a fascinating history. It is a small industrial complex which lies by the River Anton on the edge of the town centre. The complex includes a grade II listed house (LEN: 1236527), later used as the laundry office. This building has an 18th-century façade but the rear gable and interior have exposed timber framework indicating, perhaps, 16th-century origins. At one time the Anton Laundry served Highgrove and was granted a ‘by Royal Appointment’ crest which hung proudly above the office door.

It is thought that this complex of buildings was originally part of a tannery. Indeed a tannery existed on site as early as the 15th century. It became a laundry in the latter half of the 19th century and remained so until 2005 when the company moved and the buildings fell into disrepair. An arson attack in 2009 caused extensive damage resulting in the loss of a Victorian ancillary building and the levelling of much of the site. Although the condition of the buildings is poor because of water ingress, fire damage, and several years of neglect, there is still potential to create a wonderful scheme at the site.

Planning permission and listed building consent were given in 2007 for a mixed-use development for the whole complex, including the conversion of the listed building to offices and a new residential block. The consent was not implemented, however, and the permission has now lapsed.

*Update* March 2020 - This building is also known as the Tannery, reflecting its original use, with the laundry taking over the buildings at a later date.  Despite the granting of revised planning permission for the redevelopment of the site (though not including the listed building), no work has ever started and the listed building is highly vulnerable.  After a fire, the condition of the building looks very poor as the recent photos sent to us by a member of the public show, with a hole in the roof and water ingress undoubtedly an issue.  

*Update* October 2021 - We understand that the Council have recently inspected the site and will be discussing the condition with the owner with a view to repairs being made.  The site is considered to be an important one for the town and one that has been neglected for too long.

*Update* August 2022 - There has been no new update for this building.

*Update* June 2023 - We have just been notified of yet another fire at this blighted site.  The listed building here is in a terrible condition despite efforts to pursue a solution with the owners over the last couple of years.  This site has been neglected and on our register for over 10 years.